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slow down my beating heart

21 March 2004

i REALLY need to update this layout. but i'm almost even thinking why bother. because i never update this thing anymore. and on top of that, i started a new diary.

finally... a weightloss diary.

ain't nothing like getting down to that last 10 pounds and THEN starting a diary! boy am i a smart thinker.

so yesterday was my year at ww. to the date, my year is tomorrow, but it's close enough to say that it was my year. i ended on a semi good note. i did lose... .6 which is fine. i wasn't too cautious of everything. but i still haven't re-lost that 1.6 that i gained two weeks ago. oh well. a loss is a loss, right?

anyway, my new diary, if you care to go and read, is the last ten. i figure it's fitting since i'm down to the last ten pounds til goal!! i still need to update the links as of now, but i do have a couple entries up.

i'm hoping to be better about that diary than i am about this one.

so not much else is new here. taking on a tad bit more work at work. nothing major. just stuff here and there as far as locking up at night. :) also, i got to see the nephew last friday. he is just the cutest damn thing ever. i'm so glad that he's MY Godson... and nephew.

i feel like i lead a boring life. i went to barnes and noble yesterday. it was a good time. well... considering i was there on a saturday night. hee. but i did get a chance to write a letter back to maria s. she and i, i guess, are going to be pals. so that's good. :) and so are me and amy. and now me and shannon are swapping. i have so many new friends. heh.

speaking of new friends, how does someone make new friends. that sounds bad or whatever... but i'm not looking to drop all the friendships that i have now. i'm just looking to expand my network. that's all. :) find someone new and interesting. that has interesting hobbies or a different way of thinking. or something.

but anyway, i need to go pick up a couple things at the store. talk to ya later....

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