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100 things about me

01 Sep 02
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100 things about me (i've been dying to see if i can do this...)

1. i've lived in massachusetts for my whole life

2. i went to bryant college in rhode island

3. i pretty much wanted to drop out my junior year

4. pale yellow is my favorite color

5. my nephew is the cutest person in the world

6. i wanted a panda and a violin for my sixth birthday

7. i still dream of having a panda

8. i like to color my hair from time to time

9. it annoys me when people snap their gum

10. i really don't like starting all these off with "i"

11. i don't like to capitalize things when i don't need to

12. "living on a prayer" can get me crazy even in the middle of my sleep

13. i hate the number thirteen

14. my last two watches were made by fossil

15. i'm an aol im junkie

16. it irks me when people leave cell phones on at work

17. i can say the alphabet backwards

18. my parents are still happily married

19. they only live 5 minutes away from me

20. barnes & noble is my most favorite store in the world

21. i'm a big fan of the "..." at the end of written thoughts

22. i write when i feel inspired

23. i haven't felt inspired in a while

24. i love to people watch

25. i eat my baked potato with a spoon

26. i cried at the end of home alone

27. my favorite vacation was the california/vegas roadtrip that i just took in july

28. i love to travel

29. i want to go back overseas

30. i wonder how this september 11th is going to be

31. i still go into people's diaries/blogs from 9/11/01 to see different reactions

32. i don't like people that point fingers when things go wrong

33. i get confused a lot of the time

34. i have no concept of space

35. i can't parallel park to save my life

36. my next car, i'm hoping, will be a silver four door honda accord with sunroof

37. i like positive people

38. i am my nephew's Godmother

39. i'm extremely ticklish

40. people think i'm in love with my bartender

41. i love kevin (my bartender) but i'm not IN love with him

42. i'm happy that i discovered ketel one vodka

43. i have been going to the same hairdresser for almost twenty years

44. i enjoy reading

45. i never tell anyone my bra size

46. i really could care less about image

47. i was a brownie/girl scout from first to fifth grade

48. i'll probably drive my corolla into the ground

49. i enjoy baking cookies

50. if i have kids, i want to stay home and raise them

51. i would never have said that 5 or so years ago

52. i don't believe in ouija boards, tarot cards, palmistry, etc.

53. i have a fascination with business cards

54. two people in high school said that i looked like kathy bates

55. i've seen a porn before

56. i've seen online porn

57. i almost always have my mind in the gutter

58. i never swear in front of my parents

59. my sister and i have always gotten along pretty well

60. i use to have birthday parties for my cabbage patch kids

61. i think i'm a stronger person now than i was a year ago

62. i miss college

63. i like having the apartment to myself

64. i want to move out

65. people say i give good massages

66. i would like to become more html savvy

67. i am not a fan of the drinking game beirut

68. my favorite movie is the sound of music

69. i haven't engaged in a 69 (yet)

70. i believe in making sacrifices for those you love

71. i've had glasses since fifth grade

72. i am not a fan of cleaning

73. i'm a strong believer that oral b satin floss is the best dental floss out on the market

74. i enjoy kissing

75. i went on a date with one of my business contacts

76. i think that guys that go food shopping by themselves are hot

77. i don't want to change my last name if i get married

78. when i was younger, i wanted to be married when i was 21

79. i like to dip cheeze-its in sour cream

80. i find it amazing if you are still reading this right now

81. i sing a lot even though i'm not that great

82. i live by the golden rule

83. even though i don't capitalize much, i always capitalize God and America

84. my sister shut the car door on my left hand when i was four and now i have scars on my ring and pinky fingers

85. i like using bookmarks

86. i can't stand it when people don't use them

87. i hate having that watch tan

88. i am not a fan of cold or humid weather

89. i have less shoes than my roommate does

90. i hardly ever wear make up

91. i get my eyebrows waxed at elizabeth grady

92. i still have a lot to learn in life

93. i hate realizing that you only have control over your own life

94. i am a big fan of tom yum soup

95. i absolutely LOVE my tattoo (daisy on my back)

96. people tend to think that i'm loud and obnoxious

97. i'm a good listener

98. i need a change in life

99. i don't want to hit my quarter life crisis

100.i do have to say that this was not as hard as i thought it was going to be

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