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29 Feb 04
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i wanted to update today... just cause it's leap year!! what a dork am i!!

plus i haven't updated in 2 weeks. i've severely neglected this thing. maybe because i don't have time. although that would be a complete lie. cause i do have time, i just don't really have the motivation to update. i didn't even renew my gold membership way back when. hence the really bad layout right now. how evil of me.

oh well... so saturday was a decently good day for me. well... for weight watchers, it was fantastic. i hit the 75 pound mark!!! yippee skippee!! who EVER thought i would reach it EVER in my life.... i don't know... but it wasn't me.

but i'm just sad that my leader, patty, was not there to give me my magnet and make me get up in front of everyone. patty left last week. :( which is a bummer because she brought me this far, and i wanted her to be there til the end. i still got 10 pounds to go til goal (!!!!!!) so it's not over yet. maybe the new leader will be alright.

so i propped that magnet right on the fridge... eye level of course. right next to my 10 pound ribbon, 25 and 50 pound magnets. this one is the best one thus far.... it's a sun. the other two were stars. and i don't think they changed their colors since the 70s!!! ah well... it doesn't really matter the colors... it's just an observation. so 76.8 pounds gone.... 9.6 pounds to go!!

that seems so small of a number!!!

and yesterday i also had a pseudo date. nothing exciting... and it didn't really even go anywhere at all. i'm sorry, but it's just a turn off when the guy tries to hard. ya know what i mean? it's bad. but it's true. like... be yourself, be genuine. if it doesn't click, it doesn't click... and move on. does that sound bitchy? it didn't before until i typed it. oh well. i suppose we'll see what happens. the only thing that sucks is that i work with the guy's brother in law. so... what to tell him tomorrow at work. hmmm...

and speaking of dating... i'm slowly but surely getting up the confidence to ask out my eye candy. or at least talk to him more than what i do. i don't know if he has a gf... but heather told me she might be able to find out. :) that'd be a good thing! so me and the e.c. do the "hi how are ya?" thing when we see each other in the hallway. nothing more. maybe a smile or a wave. so i don't even know how to approach him. but he's lost weight the past year or so... and so have i... so i don't know if that could be a topic of conversation? i was planning on complimenting him... but... i don't know if that's cool to say it to a guy. i imagine it would be. nice thoughts are good for anyone. but... boys are weird sometimes. i'll figure it out one of these days.

hmm... what else? i don't think there is much else to talk about. i'm very sad that sex and the city has ended. i've grown accustomed to watching it on sunday nights. and now... no longer. it's a bummer.

and let's see... nothing in the pal world is terribly thrilling nowadays. i think jen and suzanne are going to come and visit me and kerry this summer when she moves back. that'll be exciting!! i haven't met suzanne yet. kerry has. but kerry hasn't met jen. jen hasn't met suzanne. does that cover every non meeting? i think it does. :) so that'll be cool if it happens. sometime in july!! i can't wait!! i miss jen! and i can't wait til ker comes back for the summer. and will live like a mile away! i'm stoked. heh. alrightie... that's it for me.

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